Token Design and Modeling

Optimize your Token Design through Robust Simulations


Data Driven Token Design

Token interaction design to achieve balance between incentivization of desirable growth and long-term sustainability.

Automated validation and auditing

Scalable data simulation and validation solutions, forecasting interactions between wallets/token/NFT.

Dynamic Models

Dynamic strategy fine-tuned by monitoring and forecasting on micro/macro economy.

Delivered by Technical superstars and Business Executives from:

MOD31 Customers

Domain Coverage

Ecosystem Tokenomics

For complex systems that includes several dApps and DeFi services.

GameFi Tokenomics

For blockchain games and blockchain gaming platforms.

NFT Tokenomics

For collectibles and NFTs based communities.

Metaverse Tokenomics

For virtual worlds using NFTs and governance tokens.

SocialFi Tokenomics

For promoting social activities based on token incentives.

DAO Tokenomics

For decentralized and autonomous organizations leveraging token mechanics.